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Feeds and Feeding



   Lab 1 Using Tables due end of class 3 Sep

               Tables for Lab1

   Lab 2 Measuring Nutritive Value due end of lab 8 Sep

   Lab 3 Feeding Sheep due end of lab 29 Sep

   Lab 4 Feeding Beef due end of lab 03 Oct

   Lab 5 Feeding Horses due end of lab 13 Oct

   Lab 6 California Net Energy System due end of lab 27 Oct

   Lab 7 California Net Energy System Part 2 due end of lab 3 Nov

   Lab 8 Comparing Methods due 10 Nov end of lab

   Lab 9 Feeding Dogs and Cats due 24 Nov end of lab

   Lab 10 Dogs and Cats Continued due 1 Dec end of lab

 Lectures Exam Four, Cancelled

  Guest Lecture (you will  be responsible for the material on exam 4)  17 Nov

          - No lab 17 Nov

   Lec 17a Feeding Dogs and Cats 19 Nov

   Lab Lecture Lab 9 (see above) 21 Nov

   Lect 17b Feeding Dogs and Cats 24 Nov

   Lab Lecture 10 (see above) 26 Nov

   Lecture 18 Feeding Reptiles 1 Dec

   Exam Review (will cover guest lecture also) 3 Dec

  EXAM Four Cancelled 


Exam Four Cancelled


Office: Ag 116

Phone: 254-968-9216

Fax: 254-968-9300