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About Letters of Evaluation

Letters of evaluation are an important part of your application to graduate or health professions school. You should keep in mind that they are evaluations, not necessarily recommendations. Although your grades are important, letters I write place little emphasis on grades because the school already knows your GPA. Instead, letters of evaluation are intended to evaluate, among other things, your character, personal traits, professionalism, and likelihood of being successful. It should be evident that the better I know you, the more accurate and personal the letter will be. With this in mind, I have several policies regarding the writing of a letter of evaluation.

1. You must complete and return a hard copy of the Biographical Form.

A completed Biographical Form contains almost everything you have accomplished during your college tenure. It also includes one or more essays describing why you are pursuing the career you have chosen. It is designed to mimic information you will include on your application to health professions schools. The main point of this requirement is help you get all the information together that you will need in order to complete a health profession application. It also aids me in writing your letter of evaluation. This form will take some time to complete. Do not wait until the last minute. Because the Biographical Form contains personal information about you, Do Not Send Electronically. Please complete and bring a hard copy to me. 

An MS Word (.docx) form-fill version of the Biographical Form can be downloaded here. Biographical Form

2. Provide at least 6 weeks notice.

I expect a minimum of 6 weeks notice from the time you submit a completed Biographical Form to your application deadline. By deadline, I do not mean the deadline of the school. I mean YOUR deadline. For example, the application deadline for medical school is October 1, but you should have your application material in no later than mid-June. This means that you should contact me about writing a letter on your behalf (and submit a Biographical Form) no later than May 1. Note that mid April to late May is a good time for me to write letters. I have little free time during June and July. If I cannot get your letter written before June, it is sometimes delayed until August. Not good if you are applying to medical, dental, or veterinary school.

3. Inform me of your admissions exam scores.

I will not submit a letter on your behalf until I have seen your scores on admissions exams such as MCAT, DAT, or GRE. This is most easily accomplished by releasing your scores to Tarleton at the time you register for the exam you are plan to take.