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The final is this Sat., Dec. 8, 3-5:30pm in NURS 207+208

Web-based Python IDEs:

Learning Python:


Python code for the Towers of Hanoi and Towers of Hanoi simulation

Cool, weird data: Machine Olfaction and Chess Positions (Wikipedia)

The music of Emily Howell

Cool word: octothorpe


A more detailed/balanced account of Ada Lovelace's and others' contributions to Computer Science: The Superheroines of Computing

Binary addition, carry bits, and adder circuits - nice lecture at U.Maryland

Logarithm calculator (choose base 2)

Wikipedia Turing Test page, with a wealth of links

Wikipedia Nim page

The text of Plato's Apology

ASCII table. Extended ASCII is not standard: IBM page 437 and Latin-1

Frequencies of letters and words in English

Emerging memory technology: DNA storage (ScienceMag)

Recursion (Wikipedia article)

Download installation files for PEP/8

Fractals (Wikipedia article)

From your instructor

Syllabus Fall 2018

Homework for ch.8 was assigned, due Tue, Dec. 3 - see the end of slides below! 

Instructor's notes:


2013 IEEE-ACM Computer Science Curricula (full document). The SP area is described on pp.192-203.

Complete list of PEP assembly instructions, with their machine codes