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The last lab for this class is Wed, May 1 (last day of classes). It will be a review for the final (all material covered after the midterm).

Final exam is Sat., May 4, at 8AM (in the regular room, SCIEN 206)

Our text, Introduction to ML with Python, and its code repository

For resources on Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc., see my page for COSC 3360 - Intro to Data Science!

Machine Learning and related fields:
Supplementary resources:

From your instructor

Please turn in all work for this class by midnight, May 1! (last day of classes)
Syllabus Spring 2019
Homeworks: Ch.5 is past due!
Instructor's notes after midterm:
Instructor's notes before midterm:
  Code for labs and lectures - please change extension to .py after downloading!