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Turfgrass Management

Welcome to Tarleton State University Turfgrass Management!

Classes: PSSC 2470PSSC 3415 

Dr. Hennen Cummings runs an outstanding, challenging, and fun Turfgrass Management Program on the campus of Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX which is 60 miles southwest of Fort Worth. 

The curriculum consists of not only classroom & labs, but also practical activities in the greenhouse and in the field.  Tarleton State University is one of the largest non-land grant agricultural university in the United States.

Dr. Cummings teaches two turfgrass classes and laboratories. Which are: Introduction to Turfgrass science, and Turfgrass Management and Irrigation. In addition, Dr. Cummings teaches Weed Science class and laboratory. Turfgrass math problem solving skills and calibration of spreaders and sprayers techniques are emphasized. Students are encouraged to obtain their Texas Pesticide Applicator’s License and Texas Irrigator’s License before graduating.

The Turfgrass Management Program at Tarleton State University applies the fundamentals, math, calibration, techniques, and theories learned in the classroom at the Turfgrass Field Laboratory to give students the experience, work ethic, skills, and confidence needed to be successful in not only establishing and maintaining major turfgrasses and an irrigation system but also making decisions and solving problems while considering the constraints of time, season, weather, microclimates, budget, labor, knowledge, sustainability, politics, water quality and quantity, soil type, rainfall, and equipment as well as understanding the consequences of the decisions.  One day, students will have to meet user expectations under these constraints with a smile on their face.

The Tarleton Turfgrass Field Laboratory and greenhouse is a 2 acre complex with 3 putting greens and 12 different species of turfgrasses maintained at various mowing heights and levels of input.  During laboratories, students take care of business at the turf plots to gain practical hands on experience. In addition to providing practical experience for students, the turf plots and 1800 square foot greenhouse also provide a medium to conduct turfgrass research like product testing.


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