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New Students

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Current Research Opportunities:  Dr. Higgins is no longer accepting applications.

  • REU student - 


Getting Involved in Student Research: There are three ways students can conduct research in my lab: (1) volunteer - students can volunteer their time to conduct undergraduate research, (2) course credit - students can enroll in Biology Problems, with special permission, to receive course credit for conducting undergraduate research, or (3) paid research assistants - in some cases, students might be able to receive monetary support for conducting undergraduate research. If you are interested in conducting research in my lab, please complete this application and return it to my office (Science 227).


General Student Expectations: Although I typically have a research project going at all times, I am interested in students that can come up with their own studies (or at least the basic ideas).  Students conducting research in my lab will be required to:

  • Spend 6-8 hrs/wk in lab during a long semester and 15-20 hrs/wk in the summer
  • Maintain a lab notebook
  • Read at least one peer-reviewed journal article pertaining to their research per week
  • Attend weekly lab meetings to discuss research experiences as well as journal article