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Syllabus for Math 1316 Fall 2015

How to register for MML Math 1316 Section 040 meeting at 8:00 TR Fall 2015

How to register for MML Math 1316 Section 010 meeting at 8:00 MWF Fall 2015

Definitions of the Trig Functions

Notes on Right-Triangle-Based Definitions of the trig functions of an acute angle(chapter 2 section 1)

Notes on Trig Functions of Non-Acute Angles (chapter 2 section 2). This is a pencast pdf file which contains an audio track that can be played using Adobe Reader X (free download from  On reviewing the audio track, I have found one mistake (can you find it?), and there may be other errors. It's a work in progress.

Radian Measure Illustrator

Notes on transformations of functions

Transformations of sin and cos graphs illustrator

Notes on Using and Verifying Identities (chapter 5 sections 1 and 2)

Notes on solving trig equations I (chapter 6 section 2)

Notes on solving trig equations II (chapter 6 section 3)

Notes on solving a trig equation with inverse trig functions

Illustrator for solving the SSA triangle

Example of the ambiguous case of the law of sines (a pencast .pdf work-in-progress)

Outline of Vector definitions, notations, and operations

Illustrator for vector scalar multiplication

Illustrator for vector addition

Illustrator for vector dot product

Complex Numbers: Definition and arithmetic operations

Notes on complex numbers and polar form.