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GeoGebra Files

Selected GeoGebra Illustrators

See for information about the program used to create these interactive files

When you click a link for the first time, it may take a minute for the applet to load.

  1. Transformations of graphs of functions illustrator: y=x2
  2. Interactive web page illustrating change of base in exponential and logarithm functions
  3. The definitions of the trig functions
  4. Transformations of graphs of sin and cos
  5. Solving an oblique triangle: SSA case illustrator
  6. Solving a wind triangle: a virtual E6B
  7. Illustrator for vector scalar multiplication
  8. Illustrator for vector addition
  9. Illustrator for vector dot product
  10. Secant lines and tangent line for a point on a graph
  11. The graph of a function and its derivative. An animated geometric construction.
  12. Riemann Sum illustrator
  13. Slope field illustrator, presented with permission of author Ken Schwartz
  14. Newton's Method illustrator
  15. Least Squares Line illustrator
  16. Taylor Series illustrator
  17. Sinusoid Illustrator, including generalized Pythagorean Identity