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International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics

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ICTCM 2014

  Excel examples used in presentation "What's the Best Technology for the Introductory Statistics Course?" by Dr. Kathy Smith,

          additional presenter Dr. John Gresham

     Example of histogram created with Excel

     Example of stem-and-leaf plot created with Excel

     Example of box-and-whiskers plot created with Excel

     Example of dot plot created with Excel

ICTCM 2016

GeoGebra illustrators to show real and complex non-real zeros of polynomials are given.  Click each link below and wait for the interactive file to load.  Java is not needed here, and these apps may be able to run on a tablet or a phone.

Quadratic function illustrator

Cubic function illustrator

Quartic function illustrator

Click this link to view the paper presented by Dr. Bryant Wyatt, Dr. John Gresham, and Michael Warren at ICTCM 2016.  This paper is now published in the Proceedings of ICTCM 28th International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (.pdf document).

ICTCM 2017

To use this PowerPoint presentation you should have GeoGebra installed on your local computer.  Click here for GeoGebra installer downloads.

It is also recommended that you use Firefox or Chrome for your default browser when using this PowerPoint.  When you click the hyperlinks in the PowerPoint presentation, you will then be given an option of open or save.  It appears that Internet Explorer will treat the .ggb files as a .zip file and will only unpack them.  I don't know how other browsers will handle these links.

Transcendental Functions with a Complex Twist (.pptx)

ICTCM 2018

Link to PowerPoint presentation "Graphical Solutions of the General Cubic Function."  We show the steps needed to find the non-real zeros of a cubic polynomial function which has only one real zero.  We use only the graph of the polynomial.  Within the PowerPoint slides are links to GeoGebra files which give examples of graphical solving techniques for quadratic and cubic functions.

Here is a link to the quadratic function 2D graph illustrator.

Here is a link to the cubic function 2D illustrator 2D graph illustrator.

For the cubic function 3D illustrator, see the links under ICTCM 2016.