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Math 1314 / Math 2412

Syllabus Math 2412 Fall 2018

Syllabus updates and corrections will be posted here. 

Link to WebWork online homework for Dr. Gresham's Math 2412 sections

Index for Math 1314 / Math 2412 Notes

Some of these notes files use .xht (MathML) formatting and will not render with Internet Explorer 10 or 11.  Use Firefox to view these.

Notes on linear equation forms (includes GeoGebra applet)

Examples of Modeling with Linear Functions and Equations

Notes on Domain and Range

Notes on Combining Functions

Notes on Transformations of Functions

Interactive Web Page Illustrating Shifting and Scaling

Another interactive page illustrating vertical and horizontal scaling

Inverse Functions

Interactive web page illustrating the symmetry of the graph of a function and its inverse about the line y=x

Solving systems of two linear equations in two variables

Outline of Quadratic Function Forms and their features

More on Quadratic Functions forms

Examples of Quadratic Functions

Notes on Solving Quadratic Equations

Notes on complex numbers

Applications of Quadratic Functions

Notes on Quadratic Form Equations

Interactive web page illustrating change of base in exponential functions and logarithm functions

Introduction to exponential functions and examples

Notes on applications of exponential functions

Logarithm functions: definition, examples, applications

Properties of logarithm functions

Notes on graphs of polynomial functions

Notes on using the Factor Theorem and Rational Zeros Theorem to find zeros of polynomial functions

Notes on Rational Functions

Worksheet on Rational Functions