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CLMP College Level Math Placement
Fall, Spring, and Summer
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Office:Math 142E

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Accuplacer College Level Math Exam

Practice Exam

The current placement scores for the College Level Mathematics exam are as follows.  This information about placement scores may or may not be available at off-campus testing centers.

CLMP score between 64 and 85                            Math 1316 or Math 1325

CLMP score 86 or above                                      Either of the above or Math 2413

  • MATH 1316 “Plane Trigonometry”
  • MATH 1325 “Math for Business II"
  • MATH 2413 “Calculus I”

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Students that have placed into college-level mathematics, either by exemption or satisfactory scores on the TSI Mathematics exam, and desire to take a course that has as a pre-requisite of College Algebra, Trigonometry or Pre-Calculus for which they do not have credit may attempt the Accuplacer College Level Mathematics exam.  

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Laboratory Fees: $None

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