Dr. Russell Pfau – Professor



  • MS, Midwestern State University, 1994
  • PhD, Oklahoma State University, 2000

Courses taught

  • Genetics (BIOL 3303)
  • Genetic Techniques (BIOL 3103)
  • Ecology & Evolution (BIOL 3353)
  • Biology Problems (BIOL 4086; student research)
  • Evolutionary Biology (BIOL 5361)

Research Interests

My primary focus is population genetics, specifically, I study how populations differ genetically and why. I’m especially interested in understanding how the landscape affects gene flow across a species’ geographical distribution. I’m also interested in hybridization between closely related species. My students and I collect specimens from the field and then analyze their DNA in the lab using techniques such as DNA sequencing and fragment analysis (e.g. AFLP, RADseq).


  • Population genetics of the Crawfish Frog (Lithobates areolatus). Texas Parks & Wildlife State Wildlife Grant (2019-2021). Russell Pfau and Toby Hibbitts – $100,000.
  • Assessment of Genetic Diversity of the State Threatened Texas Kangaroo Rat, Dipodomys elator, Using Museum Specimens.  Texas Parks & Wildlife Section 6 grant (2014-2016).
  • National Science Foundation (Major Research Instrumentation Grant) – 2001: Acquisition of an Automated DNA Analysis System for Biology Teaching and Research. Philip Sudman, Allan Nelson, Bert Little, Harold Rathburn, and Russell Pfau – $99,677


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