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Dr. Girdhari Rijal

Office Location: Fort Worth 117

Phone: 817-926-1101 (on campus: 7227)


Girdhari Rijal, PhD, MLS (ASCPi)cm

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

My research is primarily focused on identifying the mechanisms of cancer tissue initiation and growth using innovative native mimicking 3D systems. The multi-cell guided microenvironment is created that supports the release of signaling factors similar to what cells do in native tissue. Second research priority is to generate the fundamental native-like 3D cancer scaffolds that help preclinical screenings of anti-cancer drugs in the lab, providing the suggestion either to go for the re-efficacy optimization of the anti-cancer drugs or for the clinical trials.

Other Interested Research Areas

  1. Bio-ink and Bio-printing
  2. 3D-Prototype System
  3. Single-Cell based Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatment
  4. Tissue Engineering
  5. Regenerative Medicine


Microscopic images of cancer cells.

Lecture and Laboratory Courses

  • Medical Microbiology (MDLS 4234 & 4135)
  • Clinical Parasitology (MDLS 4151 & 4152)
  • Clinical Lab Science Problems (MDLS 5086)