Girdhari Rijal – Assistant Professor


Research Interests

My research is primarily focused on identifying the mechanisms of cancer tissue initiation and growth using innovative native mimicking 3D systems. The multi-cell guided microenvironment is created that supports the release of signaling factors similar to what cells do in native tissue. Second research priority is to generate the fundamental native-like 3D cancer scaffolds that help preclinical screenings of anti-cancer drugs in the lab, providing the suggestion either to go for the re-efficacy optimization of the anti-cancer drugs or for the clinical trials.

Other Interested Research Areas

  1. Bio-ink and Bio-printing
  2. 3D-Prototype System
  3. Single-Cell based Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatment
  4. Tissue Engineering
  5. Regenerative Medicine

Lecture and Laboratory Courses

  • Medical Microbiology (MDLS 4234 & 4135)
  • Clinical Parasitology (MDLS 4151 & 4152)
  • Clinical Lab Science Problems (MDLS 5086)