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Course and Book Listing

This is my typical book listing for course I teach. Publishers seem to issue updated editions on a random basis and I try to use the most current edition, although that is not always possible. I use textbooks as part of every class but I have no preference on book format. Therefore, I am OK if you choose to buy the books in hardback, as a binder book, or as an e-book. Binder books and e-books tend to be 50% to 75% less expensive than the hardback versions. The downside to binder books is that they can be difficult to store and maintain over time and the downside to e-books, obviously, is that you will have nothing in your personal library for use in the future. RM

GB 311 Statistics

Levine, Krehbiel, & Berenson (2010). Business Statistics; a first course, 5th ed. Pearson. ISBN 978-0-13-606580-7.

MGMT 301 Principles of Management

MGMT 302 Human Resource Management

MGMT 350 Organizational Behavior

Robbins. Organizational Behavior.

MGMT 511 Operations Management 

Jacobs, Chase, & Aquilano (2009). Operations & Supply Management, 12th ed. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 978-0-07-340329-8. (Check with the Bookstore as this may change to the 13th edition before the Fall semester gets started. RM)

 HRM 503 Training & Development

 HRM 510 The Adult Learning Environment

The Adult Learner, 6th ed. M. S. Knowles, E. F. Holton, & R. A. Swanson, Elsevier Press, Burlington, MA. ISBN -10: 0-7506-7837-2 paperback.

Adult Learning Basics. W. J. Rothwell. ASTD Press, Alexandria, VA. ISBN 10:1-56286-533-1 paperback.

 HRM 568 Organizational Development

French, W. L & Bell, C. H. (1999). Organizational Development: Behavioral science interventions for organizational improvement, 6th Ed. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall.

Kotter, J. (1996). Leading Change. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

HRM 515 Benefits and Services

Martocchio, J. J. (2009/2011). Employee Benefits (4th Edition). McGraw-Hill Irwin, New York. ISBN 0-07-298897-5.

Liemberg, S. R. & McFadden, J. J. (2009). The Tools & Techniques of Employee Benefit and Retirement Planning (11th Edition). National Underwriters Co., Cincinnati. ISBN 0-87218-665-2.

Research Journals

This list is an example of various business-related journals available to you for your research and study. This is not an exhaustive list as there are many others to choose from.

Academy of Management Executive

Academy of Management Journal

Academy of Management Review

Administrative Science Quarterly

Administrative Management

Behavioral Science

Group and Organization Management

Harvard Business Review

Human Relations

Journal of Vocational Behavior

Journal of Applied Psychology

Journal of Applied Behavioral Science

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Journal of Management

Leadership Quarterly

Organizational Dynamics

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Personnel Psychology

Psychological Bulletin

Public Personnel Review

Sloan Management Review

Training and Development Journal